Ardara Health Centre Covid-19
12.03.2020 update

Notice to patients RE:
Governement Announcment 12.03.2020

The Covid-19 virus is now spreading locally and by community transmission, it is no longer specific to visiting or returning travelers. We must take responsability individually and as a community to try and limit its impact on the community.
Because of the emphasis on "Social distancing" and avoiding "face to face" encounters.

  1. All repeat prescriptions are now being electronically sent to the pharmacist in Ardara (if you do not use Kelly's pharmacy please let us know which pharmacy you use by putting a note in the box outside the waiting room or posting us a note). This eliminates the need to call to the surgery for your script and also means you do not have to drop it in to the pharmacy. You will however need to pick your medication up from the pharmacy.
  2. Patients and the general public must not enter the Doctor's waiting room, YOU MUST FIRST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT and when your arrive at the health centre you must inform the staff of your arrival. You may then be permitted to enter.
  3. Depending on your presenting history or symptoms you may by seated in an isolated area in the surgery or you may have to take part in a video consult. So if possible bring a mobile phone with you.