Ardara Health Centre Covid-19
18.03.2020 update

Notice to patients RE:
Continuing emergency

Patients who contact the surgery with respiratory symptoms will be asked a number of questions relating to their condition. You will also be asked for your current mobile number, PPSN or GMS number and Eircode. If possible you should try and have a temperature reading. Please try and have the above items of information at hand when you phone the surgery. You will then receieve a call back from the doctor.

Patients who reqire the doctor for conditions other that respiratory should phone the front desk in the normal way and follow instructions given. Please do not occupy our staff's time or the phone lines with requests relating to prescriptions of any kind, repeats or new medications.These must be placed in the box outside waiting room entrance.

The Department of Social protection and Social Welfare have published guidelines for employees seeking illness benefit during the Covid19 crisis.
illness benefit for Covid19 absences

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