Ardara Health Centre

To date we have 6 services which can be ordered online.

The advantage with ordering these services online is that you can complete the process in your own time. It frees up the phone lines allowing our reception staff to deal with other issues.
If the service you request requires a payment this can be done at the time of booking which advoids having to queue to pay on the day.
All our online scheduling/request pages have the heading "Ardara Health Centre: Online"

Filling the form.

  1. This first page allows you to see the name of the service you are requesting and allows you to select a time and date, the available dates are "in Bold"on the calendar.
  2. When requesting a blood test the date and time you choose will be the date/time of your appointment.
  3. When requesting a prescription or medical cert you choose the first available date and time in order to get your
    request on our office system, it is not an appointment.If there are no date/times available it may mean you need to try at a later date as all the date/time slots are filled into the future
  4. When you select "continue" you will be asked to enter your name, phone and email (an email address is necessary to allow us to issue paperless receipts).There will be a few questions to respond to and a field where you can indicate your "Pharmacy of choice".
  5. There is a "Choose file" option which allows you to send us a copy of any modifications to your script.
    (Click on "Choose file.."and use your smartphone to take a photo of your script, then select "upload")
  6. Next you will be asked for your date of birth: dd/mm/yyyy.
  7. This next option is either "complete appointment" or "pay now", with the latter you enter the 16 digits of your card number, the month and year of the expiry date and the CVC then click "pay now"

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